Bingo Calls

The catchy witty and funny bingo calling lines for each number is what makes bingo a very special and much loved game. The excitement and fun lies in each number being called using a poetic rhyming phrase or word. This is the star ingredient in the magnificent recipe and success of this fabulous game. We have always enjoyed our legs eleven, two fat ladies eighty eight, or two little ducks for number twenty two.

From Kelly’s Eye to Top of the shop, Tasty has got you up to speed with all the well-known, funny bingo number calls. Squeeze the strawberries to hear the calls!

Kelly’s Eye
One little duck
Cup of tea
Knock at the

Man Alive

Tom’s Tricks

Lucky number

Golden gate

Doctor’s orders

Cock and hen

Legs Eleven

One Dozen

Unlucky for

Valentine’s Day

Young and keen

Sweet sixteen

Dancing Queen

Coming of age

Goodbye Teens

One Score

Key of the door

Two little ducks

Thee and me

Two dozen

Duck and Dive

Pick and mix

Gateway to


Rise and shine

Dirty Girty

Get up and run

Buckle my shoe

Dirty Knee

Ask for more

Jump and jive

Three Dozen

More than

Christmas cake


Naughty forty

Time for fun

Winnie the pooh

Down on your

Droopy drawers

Halfway there

Up to tricks

Four and Seven

Four Dozen


Half a century

Tweak of a thumb

Danny le rue

Stuck in the tree

Clean the floor

Snakes alive

Was she worth it

Heinz varieties

Make them wait

Brighton Line

Five Dozen

Baker’s bun

Turn on the

Tickle me

Red raw

Old age pension

Clickety Click

Made in heaven

Saving Grace

Either way up

Three score and

Bang on the drum

Six dozen

Queen bee

Candy Store

Strive and strive


Sunset strip

Heaven’s gate

One more time

Eight and blank

Stop and run

Straight on

Time for tea

Seven dozen

Staying Alive

Between the

Torquay and

Two fat ladies

Nearly there

Top of the shop