Cash Fountain-£30 Guaranteed JP!

Cash Fountain-£30 Guaranteed JP!
Funded players only. This is a sliding jackpot game with a minimum guaranteed win of £30. Further T&Cs below apply

£30 guaranteed JPs are flowing!

In this coverall bingo jackpot game there is a £30 minimum and with a maximum jackpot win of £500. Cash Fountain is played every day at 7 pm until midnight on the hour in the Hot Chocolate room.Your bingo card must be completely covered to win the sliding jackpot.

If your card is covered in 25 to 48 calls you’ll win £500. As the number of calls go up the jackpot will start to reduce.


When: Every day between 7pm – Midnight
Where: Hot Chocolate room
How to win: Be the first to Bingo on the Coverall pattern
Prize: Jackpots between £30 – £500
How to win? Simply buy your cards for the hourly game when it comes around and then be the first to complete the coverall pattern.

Calls Prize
48 £500
49 £300
50 £250
51 £200
52 £150
53 £100
54 £75
55 £50
56 £30

Terms & Conditions:

  • Cards cost 10p each
  • There is no minimum number of cards that can be purchased for this game.
  • The maximum number of cards that can be purchased for this game is 48.
  • To participate you must be a funded player.
  • The winner will be the first player to Coverall.
  • If there is more than one winner the prize value will be shared.
  • Prize will be credited into winner’s account immediately after winning the game.
  • Tasty Bingo’s full terms and conditions apply
  • Last updated on 08.12.15